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Student Techies

StudentTechies connects students and recent grads with computer skills to people and companies in need of technical help in Charlottesville, Richmond and N. Virginia.
$18-30 per hour for: 
  • Application development in C#, Java, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP,, CGI, C/C++,, VBScript, Access, Oracle, SQL, ColdFusion and more.
  • PC and server support for VPN, Firewall, HTTP, Routing, TCP/IP, IIS, Windows, Unix, Linux, Apache, NT, and more.

Students, we will help you:

  • Earn Money
  • Get a foot in the door
  • Go from job to job without worrying about how to market yourself
  • Develop professional skills
  • Build your resume

Students, find out more.

Clients, we will help you:

  • Identify top tech talent
  • Work with teams of students and recent graduates in a job-sharing arrangement
  • Build and understand custom applications
  • Network your home or office
  • Build or upgrade your web site

Clients, find out more.
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